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handout for Science Picture Book session


This handout is a list of books appropriate for second language learners in a science class and accompanies the powerpoint presentation for the session, "Just Right Picture Books for Science Lessons and Science Experiments."

Just Right Picture Books for Science Lessons and Science Experiments


This powerpoint presentation was given at the 2016 TESOL Convention in Baltimore, MD. Suggested titles of picture books to teach a unit on water conservation were discussed and possible experiments and activities were presented.

Issues SIFE Children Face Upon Arrival


This handout is a list of the type of challenges and issues many children with interrupted education face after arrival.

Picture books for new arrivals


This list is a sample of the types of picture books we recommend for new arrivals. Picture books provide critical content information in a visually appealing format without the cognitive overload found in many textbooks.

Presentation on students with interrupted education (SIFE) at TESOL Convention in Baltimore, April 2016.


This presentation discusses the causes of interrupted education and what challenges these students face in US schools.

Best Practices for English Language Learners


Mahoning County Educational Service Center, Youngstown, Ohio Presenter(s): Brenda Custodio Date: June 15-16, 2015 Basic second language acquisition principles and literacy development for English Language Learners (ELLs).

Using Picture Books to Support Language and Literacy Learning While Teaching Content


Presenter: Judith O'Loughlin Date: May 2, 2015 Rhode Island Teachers of English Language Learners (RITELL) Keynote
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